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Why Roads to Recovery is Special

With over 200 Autism Scholarship Providers in the State of Ohio, Roads to Recovery is one of very few non-profit ABA providers. In the Miami Valley, Roads to Recovery is the only non-profit ASP education provider. 

Another reason why our center is unique, is our exceptional ABA teaching team paradigm and our 1:1 teacher student ratio. One to one teaching is extremely beneficial for students with autism in early stages of learning. It can also be very useful as for those learners who continue to have challenges as they grow into young adults. More than 95% of Roads to Recovery's teaching paradigm includes consistent 2-person teaching teams as well as 2 hours every week of direct teaching with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). In most educational centers, BCBA's do not work directly with students and often times only lead therapists attend student planning meetings. Roads to Recovery is fortunate to have everyday interaction between each of our students and their BCBA. This is very rare and makes for a very cohesive and accelerated model. This model is only achievable with yearly fundraising. Our commitment is to go above and beyond and without fundraisers and donations our center could not make this possible. 

Applied behavior analysis therapy (ABA) is a well-known, scientifically proven intervention for increasing functional skills in children with autism or developmental delays. This method provides measurable results. Roads strives to provide the maximum number of ABA hours while utilizing over 80% of the scholarship award to directly provide 1:1 education. While children can make great gains with ABA therapy, the children who make the most gains are the ones who have the most hours of ABA therapy as well as parents who are actively involved in their child's therapy. Roads also periodically provides free parent training to families and close family members.

Roads to Recovery also seeks to include diverse and fun opportunities for students! Each month we procure a "Fun Days" calendar, featuring events or themes to liven up the students week. We might focus on a National Holiday, such as "National Cat Day," and make fun crafts or enjoy a snack in conjunction with the theme! We plan for monthly "spirit days" to unify our team and students even more! Lastly, we plan a student outing to integrate in the community! Our Young Adults have a monthly community volunteer service project that they attend, and are always looking for new volunteer opportunities!

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